Question: What Character Has The Most Movies?

Who is the person who has been in the most movies?

Danny Trejo (317) Fred Willard (291) Sir Christopher Lee (265).

What is the longest movie series ever?

Longest running film franchises”Star Wars” franchise: 11 films since 1977. … “Godzilla” franchise: 40 films since 1954. … “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” franchise: eight films since 1974. … “Rocky” franchise: eight films since 1976. … “Friday the 13th” franchise: 12 films since 1980. … “X-Men” franchise: 12 films since 2000. … “Hellraiser” franchise: 10 films since 1987.More items…•

Which actor has played a character the longest?

With the recent ending of the Ash vs evil dead tv series, I made a theory that Bruce Campbell has played the character of Ash Williams for the longest amount of time any actor has played a film character. From my calculation it comes to 18 hours and 35 minutes. 3 films, 1 film cameo and 30 half hour tv episodes.

Who has played the same character in the most movies?

Johnny Weissmuller as Jungle Jim – 16 TIMES And yes, it’s the SAME GUY who played Tarzan all those times, once he got too old to play the loincloth’d holler-er, he threw on some khakis and basically become a clothed, able-to-talk version of Tarzan. Oh, and another thing, he made these sixteen films in just seven years.

Who holds the record for the most movies made as an American actor?

Christopher Lee1. Christopher Lee (+280 acting credits)

Top 10 Most Iconic Fictional Characters of All TimeDaffy Duck Daffy Duck is an animated cartoon character produced by Warner Bros. … Rocky Balboa Robert “Rocky” Balboa is the title character of the Rocky film series. … Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is a fictional private detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.More items…