Question: What Do Useful Mean?

What is the synonym of useful?

In this page you can discover 43 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for useful, like: beneficial, practical, functional, helpful, valuable, handy, serviceable, good, utile, convenient and multipurpose..

What’s another word for useless?

SYNONYMS FOR useless 1 fruitless, profitless, valueless, worthless, inutile. 2 unserviceable, unusable.

What is the opposite of useless?

useless(adj) having no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully. “a kitchen full of useless gadgets”; “she is useless in an emergency” Antonyms: useful, recyclable, utilizable, reusable, utile, utilitarian, useable, serviceable, usable, reclaimable, multipurpose.

What is another word for experience?


What it means to be useful?

adjective. being of use or service; serving some purpose; advantageous, helpful, or of good effect: a useful member of society. of practical use, as for doing work; producing material results; supplying common needs: the useful arts; useful work.

What is the opposite of useful?

Antonym of UsefulWordAntonymUsefulUselessGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

How can I be useful?

How to be useful to othersGet famous. Do everything in public and for the public. … Get rich. Money is neutral proof you’re adding value to people’s lives. … Share strong opinions. Strong opinions are very useful to others. … Be expensive. People given a placebo pill were twice as likely to have their pain disappear when told the pill was expensive.

Is usefull or useful?

usefull at The word listed above (useful) is probably the correct spelling for the word that you entered (usefull). This is just an educated guess based on commonly misspelled words.

What is the opposite word of Cheap?

inexpensive: expensive, worthy, valuable, superior, priceless, upper, noble, costly, precious, sophisticated, unreasonable, excellent, dear.

What do you call a helpful person?

Generous. Friendliness, generosity and kindness. Someone who is kind, generous or helpful. Friendly. Kind, gentle and sensitive.

How do you use useful in a sentence?

[S] [T] It was useful. ( CK)[S] [T] I hope it’s useful. ( CK)[S] [T] They’re very useful. ( CK)[S] [T] This book is useful. ( CK)[S] [T] This is very useful. ( szaby78)[S] [T] Make yourself useful. ( CK)[S] [T] I need to feel useful. ( CK)[S] [T] This should be useful. ( CK)More items…