Question: What Does DERP Mean In Slang?

What’s a derp face?

A derp face is a blank, cross-eyed, slack-jawed facial expression used to characterize real people or fictional characters as stupid..

When people say your deep?

When someone is described to you, in their absence, as being ‘deep’ this is usually a compliment. This meaning, at the very least, (about the one being described) that he tends to think matters over carefully and often produces a thoughtful, considered response.

Who invented derp face?

Its origin is credited to the raunchy 1998 comedy BASEketball, starring South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. In one scene, the duo gets caught raiding a woman’s underwear—and sex toy—drawer, leading one to exclaim “Derp!”

What does it mean to be Butters?

Butters definitions (British slang) Unattractive, ugly or repulsive. adjective.

Where did the term DERP come from?

Origin. The first known instance of the word “derp” comes from the 1998 film Baseketball by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. During a scene where they are caught smelling underwear taken from a woman’s private drawer, Matt runs out of the room and says “Derp.”

What’s a DERP dog?

A sploot occurs when a dog lays belly-down with his back legs out to the side. Some dog breeds are more prone to splooting, such as corgis and French bulldogs. Frap is actually an acronym, which stands for Frenetic Random Activity Period. This is also known as ‘the zoomies’. And a derp is, well, a derp!

What is another word for deep?

What is another word for deep?cavernouschasmicunlimitedimmensurableburiedsubterraneanimpenetrableincomprehensibleinestimablethorough91 more rows

What kind of dog is a FRUG?

French BulldogThe French Bulldog and Pug have gotten together to create a seriously cute mix, who is more commonly known as the Frug. While his name sounds a bit grumpy, he is anything but! He is a spunky little dude who is full of cheekiness, affection and love for life.

What does Yolo really mean?

You Only Live OnceA tip to the oldsters: YOLO is an acronym for “You Only Live Once.” It shot to fame earlier this year thanks to the rapper Drake, whose song “The Motto” has the hook, “You only live once, that’s the motto…

How do you spell DERP?

noun. Foolishness or stupidity. ‘Too often this season, the team will go long stretches where it seems like all they know how to do is derp. ‘

What is Splooting?

So what is splooting? In short, splooting is a type of stretch that involves kicking one or both legs behind the body. The one leg sploot involves one leg behind while the other leg remains tucked underneath. This may look familiar to dog owners, however splooting is not an exclusively canine behavior.

What is Herp Derp?

Herp derp is an internet expression and character from rage comics. People use it, or its accompanying rage face, to point out a stupid or ignorant remark or behavior.

What does it mean to DERP?

The definition of derp is the word that is said when something stupid is said or done. … (slang) Draws attention to an act of foolishness or stupidity.

What does your deep mean in slang?

“Deep” in slang has two meanings. You can describe a person as being deep. Which means they speak emotionally and thoughtfully . Or, You can describe a gang, party, group, church, park, etc. a place basically as being “deep” which means packed or crowed/a lot of people are there.

Is DERP a real word?

According to Oxford, derp is a mass noun meaning “foolishness or stupidity” or an exclamation “used as a substitute for speech regarded as meaningless or stupid, or to comment on a foolish or stupid action.” Herp derp is also an acceptable form for the latter meaning.

What does deep mean in a person?

15. adjective. If you describe someone as deep, you mean that they are quiet and reserved in a way that makes you think that they have good qualities such as intelligence or determination. James is a very deep individual.

Is it bad for dogs to Sploot?

Splooting is not much of great concern to worry. As dogs require little stretching of their body, it will be beneficial for them to sploot. It will help them to relax their hips and legs. Moreover, it helps to stretch out the muscles of their body.

What does touching mean in slang?

to touch a person specifically in a sexual way.