Question: What Does It Mean To Develop Something?

What is it called when you expect something to happen?



to think that something will probably happen..

What is the meaning of developed in English?

[ I or T ] to grow or change into a more advanced, larger, or stronger form, or to make something do this: They tracked the storms as they developed, and then began canceling and diverting flights. The company later developed into a worldwide chain.

What is the root word of developed?

It replaced earlier English disvelop (1590s, from Middle French desveloper); both French words are from Old French desveloper, desvoleper, desvoloper “unwrap, unfurl, unveil; reveal the meaning of, explain,” from des- “undo” (see dis-) + voloper “wrap up,” which is of uncertain origin, possibly Celtic or Germanic.

What is another word for develop?

Develop Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for develop?evolveunfoldtake shapeturn upbecome apparentbecome knownchangecome into beingcome to lightcome up39 more rows

How do you develop something?

When something develops, it grows. And if you develop something, you create it. Your cold might develop into a rare disease, and you might just develop the vaccine to stop its spread. Develop is a verb that means to build up, grow, or improve gradually over time.

What is the meaning of devil?

noun. 1usually the Devil(in Christian and Jewish belief) the supreme spirit of evil; Satan. ‘belief in the Devil’ More example sentences.

How do you use developed in a sentence?

Developed sentence examplesHe hadn’t developed a liking for her. … In 1921, a tuberculosis vaccine was developed in France. … Look how much information he’s developed so far. … Jackson had developed quite a discerning palate over the years. … They developed immunity blood the last time they had you.More items…

What is an example of develop?

To develop is defined as to grow or to become more advanced, or can mean to cause something to grow, or to build improvements on land. An example of develop is when a teenage girl grows into a woman. An example of develop is when a primitive country begins to experience advancements in industry and medicine.

What is the meaning of develop quickly?

Verb. Present participle for to proliferate or spread (quickly) springing. proliferating. multiplying.

How do you use the word develop?

Develop sentence examplesThe second crop of cabbage was starting to develop, and the okra looked good. … They were already beginning to develop different personalities. … He would pick now to develop a sense of humor. … The calf could be injured, and she might develop a fear of those caring for her.More items…

What mean grow?

to increase gradually in size, amount, etc.; become greater or larger; expand: His influence has grown. to become gradually attached or united by or as if by growth: The branches of the trees grew together, forming a natural arch. to come to be by degrees; become: to grow old.

What is explain mean?

To explain is to make plain, clear, or intelligible something that is not known or understood: to explain a theory or a problem. … To interpret is to give the meaning of something by paraphrase, by translation, or by an explanation based on personal opinion: to interpret a poem or a symbol.

What is the difference between develop and develope?

As verbs the difference between develope and develop is that develope is (develop) while develop is to change with a specific direction, progress.

What does develop writing mean?

In composition, development (also known as elaboration) is the process of adding informative and illustrative details to support the main idea in a paragraph or essay. Paragraphs and essays can be developed in many different ways.