Question: What Type Of Intelligence Is Street Smarts?

What is practical intelligence in psychology?

Robert J.

Sternberg proposes three intelligences in human cognition.

Creative intelligence involves going beyond what is given to generate novel and interesting ideas.

Practical intelligence is the ability that individuals use to find the best fit between themselves and the demands of the environment..

What are the 12 multiple intelligences?

Multiple intelligences is a theory first posited by Harvard developmental psychologist Howard Gardner in 1983 that suggests human intelligence can be differentiated into eight modalities: visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, musical-rhythmic, logical-mathematical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and bodily- …

What are the 3 types of intelligence?

Sternberg’s theory identifies three types of intelligence: practical, creative, and analytical.

What is practical intelligence and why does it matter to us?

Practical intelligence is the result of an experimental hands-on operating style that leads to specific learning. “Those with high practical intelligence tend to develop useful knowledge by doing and learning, not by watching or reading,” he said. People with strong general intelligence sometimes fail at business.

What are the different types of smarts?

9 Types Of Intelligence – InfographicNaturalist (nature smart)Musical (sound smart)Logical-mathematical (number/reasoning smart)Existential (life smart)Interpersonal (people smart)Bodily-kinesthetic (body smart)Linguistic (word smart)Intra-personal (self smart)More items…•

What is experiential intelligence?

Experiential intelligence is one component (experiential-creative) of the Triarchic theory of intelligence that was put forward by researcher Steinberg in 1985. … The experiential-creative component deals chiefly with how well a task is performed with regard to how familiar it is.

Which type of intelligence is most important?

The most important type of intelligence, Robert J. Sternberg says, has to do with setting and accomplishing your goals. It used to be that cognitive intelligence was the king of the hill in terms of importance. Then emotional intelligence showed up.

What is an example of Sternberg’s practical intelligence?

Sternberg’s third type of giftedness, called practical giftedness, involves the ability to apply synthetic and analytic skills to everyday situations. Practically gifted people are superb in their ability to succeed in any setting. An example of this type of giftedness is “Celia”.

What are the 4 theories of intelligence?

This chapter reviews major theories of intelligence. The theories are grouped into four major theory types: (1) psychometric theories; (2) cognitive theories; (3) cognitive-contextual theories; and (4) biological theories.

Are there alternative intelligence views?

Eight distinct intelligences are said to exist independently of one another: linguistic, spatial, logical-mathematical, musical, bodily-kinaesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist.

What is Componential intelligence?

Componential intelligence is the most recognized form of intelligence and is what most IQ tests measure. … It includes logic, abstract thinking, verbal skills, and mathematical skills.

What is an example of analytical intelligence?

Analytical intelligence refers to the ability to complete academic, problem-solving tasks, such as those used in traditional intelligence tests. … For example, creative intelligence would be involved when using your imagination to write a short story, paint artwork, or create an advertisement.