Quick Answer: Can I Kill Everyone In The Thalmor Embassy?

Do I give Malborn my armor?

Malborn will confirm that he can smuggle a given amount of equipment inside the embassy and will suggest that it should be items that will let you efficiently and silently deal will enemies.

If you don’t mind the aggressive style, give Malborn your current weapon and all other gear..

Can I just kill Ulfric Stormcloak?

Only way to kill Ulfric is to join the Imperials.

Are all high elves Thalmor?

Not all Altmer are Thalmor, but all Thalmor are Altmer. There are a few Khajiit agents, as well as a Nord informant.

What should I bring to the Thalmor embassy?

Usually only a bow and dagger, a few lockpicks, and maybe a set of armor. Sometimes nothing, relying on disguises & bound weapons I don’t need to bring anything but the clothes on my back. My armor, weapons and some healing potions. Just the same stuff I use out in the wild.

Is it possible to sneak through the Thalmor embassy?

You can sneak through everything. In the torture chamber guards will come regardless, but if you want to ditch your pals and just run you can.

How do I escape the Thalmor embassy?

Inside the dungeon you’ll find a table with a book on top called “Thalmor Dossier: Esbern.” Get this book and read it. This should change your objective to “Escape the Thalmor Embassy.” Get the trapdoor key. After reading the dossier, get back up to Elewen’s Solar.

Where can I kill a high elf?

Where can I harvest high elf blood in Skyrim? Going through the main quest, the Thalmor embassy is a good bet. You have to kill High Elves there, so its a guaranteed harvest location.

Is it possible to kill everyone in Skyrim?

Who You Can Kill and Who You Can’t — We may not kill everyone in the massive world of Skyrim, Howard told me, though obviously some have tried such slaughters in previous games made or overseen by his studio. “Central” characters in Skyrim will not die. If defeated in combat, these people will drop to their knees.

Where can I get high elf blood?

There is a very easy way to get the high elf blood for the discerning the transmundane daedric quest. At the halted stream bandit camp to the west of Whiterun there is a spike pit that will have a high elf corpse in it that can be used to get the high elf blood.

Who is a high elf in Skyrim?

AltmerThe High Elves, also known as Altmer, are natives of Summerset Isle. They are the most magically proficient race in Tamriel as well as being the most hubristic. Their racial power is a constant effect that lets them regenerate magicka faster than other races.

Does Malborn steal your stuff?

You will get it all back as long as you take it from the chest, Delphine will hold any items you didn’t give to Malborn. And yes, EVERYTHING gets confiscated, you’ll have an empty inventory aside from quest items.

Where does Malborn go after diplomatic immunity?

If Malborn survives, he will go to the New Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm, joined by Brelas if she had been captured by the Thalmor as well as part of the earlier distraction at the party and survives the escape as well.

Can I kill Elenwen?

Elenwen can be killed following completion of the main quest. However, by this time she should be back in the foyer of the Thalmor Embassy, where the party took place, and from which all the doors are unpickably locked, so she shouldn’t come out and you can’t get in.

Can you kill yes man?

Similar to Victor, Yes Man’s personality is distributed across all securitrons. As a result, he cannot be killed permanently and will respawn upon leaving the Strip. Yes Man will comment if he is attacked, his body is destroyed, or if he witnesses the Courier committing murder.

What happens if you kill the greybeards?

Gameplay wise, if killed, it’d stop quests. Lorewise, it depends on /when/ they were killed off. Nothing good would come from it though. You cant kill them.