Quick Answer: Is Suffice It To Say Correct?

How do you use the word suffice?

Suffice sentence examplesThese will suffice to give a general idea of the mean values met with.

A handwritten note will usually suffice for a heartfelt thank you.

Their faith alone will suffice to bear good fruit.

Suffice to say, there were no errors of fact apparent to me.

This storage space will probably suffice for the coming year.More items….

What do you mean by the word suffice?

intransitive verb. 1 : to meet or satisfy a need : be sufficient a brief note will suffice —often used with an impersonal itsuffice it to say that they are dedicated, serious personalities— Cheryl Aldridge. 2 : to be competent or capable.

How do you use the word sufficient in a sentence?

Sufficient sentence examplesThere is commonly sufficient space about us. … One reading was sufficient to stamp every detail of the story upon my memory forever. … If she was ever going to learn to be totally self sufficient, she was going to have to take control of her life.More items…

What is the meaning of would?

would modal verb (WILLINGNESS) B1. past simple of will : used to talk about what someone was willing to do or what something was able to do: The car wouldn’t start this morning.

What is the opposite of suffice?

What are the antonyms for SUFFICE? check, refuse, restrain, deny, displease, miss, straiten, disappoint, dissatisfy, tantalize, stint, starve, restrict.

Is not suffice meaning?

1 verb If you say that something will suffice, you mean it will be enough to achieve a purpose or to fulfil a need. FORMAL no cont (=do)

How do you use the word suffuse in a sentence?

Suffuse in a Sentence 🔉If you spray too much perfume, it will suffuse throughout the room and cause me to sneeze. … Helen knew her outdoor plans were ruined when she saw dark clouds suffuse the sky. … When the injured man fell to the ground, blood started to suffuse around him.More items…

Would have sufficed in a sentence?

A simple thank you would have sufficed. An acknowledgment of the complexities would have sufficed. Surely a simple yes or no would have sufficed.

What is the difference will and would?

The main difference between will and would is that would can be used in the past tense but will cannot. Also, would is commonly used to refer to a future event that may occur under specific conditions, while will is used more generally to refer to future events.

Is needless to say one word?

Very likely or obvious, self-evident, as in Needless to say, the availability of assault weapons is closely connected with crime. Although nonsensical at first glance (if unnecessary to say, why say it?), this phrase is generally used for emphasis. It originated as needless to speak in the early 1500s.

How do you spell Surfice?

We think the word surfice is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below….Possible correct spellings for surficeSurfaced,surfer’s,service,densenesses,suffuse,most tabulated,surmise,surfs,More items…

Is it Suffice it to say or Suffice to say?

“Suffice it to say…” is the canonical form of the phrase. “Suffice to say…” is an acceptable shortening thereof. In common usage, it’s not quite archaic, but it’s heading there. It’s a more formal level of speech than most English speakers are accustomed to.

What is another word for suffice?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for suffice, like: enough, satisfy, answer, avail, appease, fulfill, meet, sufficient, dissatisfy, do and suit.

Is suffice a word?

The word suffice comes from a combination of the Latin words sub (“under”) and facere (“make”) that together mean “meet the need of.” This need is usually the bare minimum — no leftovers, nothing fancy. The common phrase “Suffice it to say” means “I’ll just say” or “All that needs to be said is….”

Will it suffice meaning?

If you say that something will suffice, you mean it will be enough to achieve a purpose or to fulfil a need. A cover letter should never exceed one page; often a far shorter letter will suffice.

What is needless to say?

phrase. You use needless to say when you want to emphasize that what you are about to say is obvious and to be expected in the circumstances. [emphasis]

How do you use Suffice to say in a sentence?

—used to say that one could give more information about something but that the statement that follows is enoughSuffice to say, she has a lot on her hands with four children.

Does not suffice in a sentence?

Simply adopting a national health strategy does not suffice to meet the obligations of the State party. Analytical thinking alone does not suffice to understand reality. Mere condemnation of acts of terrorism does not suffice. A mere error or omission does not suffice.

What is another word for sufficient?

Some common synonyms of sufficient are adequate, competent, and enough.

What’s another word for good?

SYNONYMS FOR good 1 pure, moral, conscientious; meritorious, worthy, exemplary, upright. 2 adequate. 3 outstanding, admirable.

How do you spell suffice?

verb (used with object), suf·ficed, suf·fic·ing. to be enough or adequate for; satisfy.