What Does It Mean To Cue Something?

What is cueing in teaching?

Using cues is a one of many effective classroom management techniques.

To initiate directions or signal for students to shift their focus from one state of attention to 100% attention, it is necessary to use some attention cues.

There are many types of cues that are used to good effect..

What is the purpose of a queue?

Queues provide services in computer science, transport, and operations research where various entities such as data, objects, persons, or events are stored and held to be processed later. In these contexts, the queue performs the function of a buffer.

How do you use the word queue?

Queue sentence examplesThe queue to get in here is longer than you’d guess. … The list was a scrolling queue of names. … Instead of the space port theming in the queue line, the narrow hallways have been painted with fluorescent paint and blacklit to provide a mild 3D effect, and riders can purchase 3D glasses if desired.More items…

What does it mean to queue something?

A queue is a line of things, usually people. Queue comes from the Latin cauda, for tail. … Outside the United States it means a line of people or vehicles waiting their turn, so if your English friend talks about queuing up for the movies, that means getting in line for a ticket.

What does it mean to take a cue?

Follow the lead of another, as in I’m not sure what to bring, so I’ll take my cue from you. This expression, first recorded in 1622, alludes to the cue giving an actor a signal to speak.

What is an example of a cue?

The definition of a cue is a signal to a person to do something. An example of cue is a word in a play telling an actor when to come on stage. An example of cue is a girlfriend hinting to her boyfriend that she’d like to get married. … To strike (a ball) with a cue.

What does cued up mean?

To assemble into a line, as of people who are waiting for something. A variant spelling of “queue up.” I can’t believe people are cued up already—the store doesn’t open for another 12 hours! See also: cue, up.

What does in Cue mean?

: at the exact moment one would expect She arrived right on cue as we were talking about her. As if on cue, the entire group burst into laughter.

What is meant by a cue given by a child?

Cues are a signal from one person to another to do something. They are a child’s way of telling. you what he or she wants, even without using words.1.

What is the difference between cue and queue?

Cue typically refers to a signal that encourages someone to take an action, while queue indicates an ordered line or file. Both cue and queue are pronounced like the letter Q, and are considered to be homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings.

Why is it called a queue?

Etymology of “Queue” Its first use in the intended meaning (“a line of people”) dates back to 1837. More likely, “queue” comes from Old French “cue” or “coe” — a tail. … But starting from the 16th century, “queue” became associated with a line of dancers — and almost three hundred years after, with a line of people.